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Frequently asked questions and answers

NEW ERA Partners can support effective multi-level
community development with a broad range of 
advisory skills and services, including:

CSR Programme Design and Development
CSR Programme Management Services

NEW ERA Partners have experience in community
development and partnerships on four continents.
Currently we are involved in

eLearning Systems for NGO Capacity Building
Support and Development of CBOs
Empowerment of Women and Youth
Creation of Recycling Markets
Healthcare and Education

Working with NEW ERA Partners makes setting up
and managing PPPs much easier. Our key PPP
consulting services are:

PPP Programme Design and Development
PPP Programme Management Services

NEW ERA Partners designs and manages holistic
development programmes that bring economic
benefits and are environmentally friendly.

Waste and Sanitation
Energy and Power
Renewable Energy and Water Supply
Community Markets and Transport

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News item
NEW ERA brings small and medium wind
turbine manufacturers to Nigeria

News item
NEW ERA invited as advisers and managers
in the Lagos Power Solution

News item
NEW ERA appointed to undertake major
African city Waste Management Master Plan

NEW ERA Partners - London - Lagos
Bespoke consulting and management services for corporations, governments and NGOs
CSR Programme Design and Management
PPP Programme Design and Management

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