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New Era Partners

New Era Partners is a consulting firm specialised
in forming and managing multi-stakeholder
partnerships and alliances to benefit the needs
of developing communities around the world.

Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Effective Partnerships

Effective development requires partners with ideas, resources and the ability to work together through often challenging times. NEW ERA Partners have experience in setting up and growing successful partnerships from around the world.

Partnership between client organisations

Many development programmes are multi-partner programmes, involving different types of organisations, objectives and operational styles. NEW ERA Partners works with all stakeholders to create a common vision of the task at hand, designs a management model and implementation plans, and then communicates these to all parties. We can also set up management and governance structures, and provide periodic management and monitoring assistance.

The Mayflower Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria is one such initiative. It was set up as an independent charitable foundation in Nigeria to provide an accountable umbrella organisation for large Nigerian corporations for “A Better Day In Lagos” campaign – campaign to transform Ebute-Metta and to change the lives of 400,000 people. Read more about the Mayflower Foundation here.

Partnerships to deliver consulting services

At the core of NEW ERA Partners’ services are more than 40 man years of consulting and service industry management experience. We have managed large consulting organisations and worked with blue chip clients, and can now provide specialist services for clients who are engaging in large consulting or service outsourcing contracts.

Programme management tools

After extensive research for highly usable and effective programme management tools NEW ERA Partners have joined forces with Tecskor Corporation. Tecskor Corporation is leading Canadian company helping Public Sector and Oil and Gas industry deliver their plans. What makes Tecskor unique is its combination of process expertise, companion software, and our understanding of how organizations work to deliver on plan. Read more about our Programme management Services utilising PEAK software here.

Click here to visit Tecskor Corp website  Click here to visit Tecskor Corp website   

Technology fit for rural developing countries

Problems in developing countries (as in any country) require solutions that work in that very environment. Heat, dust, humidity, torrential rainfall are just some of the environmental considerations similar to lack of power or electricity, often non existent physical access or service and support structures. Africa needs solutions and equipment that are simple, and that simply work. Equipment that is easy to repair with only fundamental training and simple tools, yet sophisticated even genial in application.

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HOPE worldwide
HOPE worldwide Nigeria
International Development and relief agency

Click here to visit Tecskor Corp website

Tecskor Corporations - PEAK software
Tecskor Giving Back to Africa with NEW ERA

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Mayflower Foundation and “A Better Day In Lagos” concept, design and management by NEW ERA Partners

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