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Urban Development - Mayflower Foundation
Energy Development - Wind and Solar Power
Rural Development - Jatropha Farming
Infrastructure Development - LAGOS POWER
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Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

Jatropha farms produce animal fodder, bio diesel and glycerine - and provide much needed employment to thousands of farmers and their families

Green AgriCo Investment Limited

Structured Investment Product For Agricultural Development

Green AgriCo Investment Ltd and NEW ERA Partners are planning and developing a structured investment product for the African agricultural market. By leveraging new crops like jatropha, economies of scale, best farming and management practices Green AgriCo Investment Ltd is able offer investors a truly effective investment instrument that also helps the local economy.

Jatropha - Key Crop

The Jatropha plant  is well known all over Nigeria and does very well in the arid and semi-arid areas. It currently grows in the wild in the 19 Northern states and parts of the southern states, especially around Cross River and parts of the South-East where land is available. But it is mainly a northern shrub because of the arid and semi-arid nature of the climate and the availability of vast land not currently used for crop cultivation or not even suitable at all.

Jatropha has been successfully grown to produce bio diesel. New processing techniques allow now the dry fruit fibres to be used as animal fodder, replacing soya beans and vastly improving the economics of the crop.

Community Impact

NEW ERA Partners are working with Green AgriCo Investment Ltd to create one of the most ethical investments. Against a backdrop of desperate poverty, we plan to established operational practice that forces back poverty and provides sustainable financial improvement to thousands of Nigerians. Our overall social goals and objectives are to improve sustainable livelihoods of rural communities by building on their capacities and reducing vulnerabilities.


Jatropha in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo

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