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Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ”

Native American Proverb

Increasing amount of waste is a major problem for Lagos

Clean Cities                   

Many cities in Africa and Asia grow at an alarming rate. As the standard of living and available income increase so does the amount of waste each person creates every day.

Clean Cities is an initiative to manage this ever growing mountain of waste. NEW ERA Partners are working together with the local authorities in designing a framework and masterplan to reduce, recycle and manage municipal waste.

Holistic approach to a complex problem

NEW ERA Partners always looks at providing holistic solutions to complex problems, dividing larger entities into sections that are manageable in size and scope. Where as the focus has been on collection and treatment of waste, and subsequent burial in landfill, the new approach can be called the “3 R’s”:  Reduction, Reuse and Recycling. The less there is to collect, the more effective the system can be and more resources can be redirected to education and development.

Reducing waste at source

The most effective way of dealing with waste is to reduce it at source; having less of waste. This involves changing the ways people think and communities operate. It deals with packaging and transport, figuring out ways for supply channels and consuming habits.

Reuse; The second life

Many consumer goods and materials can be reused. One person’s rubbish becomes part of somebody else’s working solution. Often clothes, furniture, domestic appliances are not even broken, just considered old and useless. If broken they need to be repaired and cleaned, brought to life again.


Recycling deals not only with goods but all material and waste. Household waste sorted in different group becomes raw material for plastics, paper and compost. Components of old computers provide precious metals and plastics. Tin cans sell for 1 US$ per four kilos. Again, less waste ends up in the landfill, and less environmental damage is done to the local neighbourhoor.


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