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Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners


Boreholes, windmills and water storage bring clean water to all communities


Alleviating Poverty and Promoting Economic Development Through Renewable Energy and Clean Water Supply

Air, water, food, education, health, shelter and peace are the critical basic needs of human beings: the first three are critical for human survival while the remaining four form the basis for good quality of living. Out of these seven pillars of human existence, the availability of Air and Water is erroneously taken for granted due to their apparent unlimited abundance.
The increasing relevance of water in national development cannot be overemphasized. Everybody requires drinking water for balanced nutrition as well as personal hygiene. Agriculture and food Security are also critically dependent on water availability as the planting time and crop yield are both determined by the onset, duration and the amount of rain that is recorded in a rainy season.  The type of access and quantum of water supply as well as the quality of sanitation facilities available to a household or community determines the quality of life of the people and the potential for poverty alleviation

In spite of the enormous water resources in Nigeria, based on the population and water supply and sanitation coverage of the country in the year 2006, only about 65% (46.1 million) of the urban and 30% (22.1million) of the rural population had access to improved drinking water source. The total Water Supply coverage was only 47% which implies that only about 68 million Nigerians had access to Improved Water Supply source leaving 77million without access.

Key interest areas in Nigeria

NEW ERA Partners is with working local governments, major corporations and technology providers to specify and agree on the following key areas:

1. Articulation of water supply policy which focuses on the weak and most vulnerable in the society.

2. Working out modalities that will give local Government Councils greater role in the provision of water supply facilities and services with adequate financial support and effective monitoring mechanisms by the state and federal governments. 

3. Establishment of effective public private partnerships for the provision of water supply services and infrastructure.

4. Development of an effective and reasonable tariff system that will facilitate partial cost recovery for sustainability.

5. Development of a robust and effective operations and maintenance programme to ensure sustained water supply and sanitation services.

Practical Solutions that work in Africa

NEW ERA Partners are working with technology partners like Climax Windpumps to come up with practical working solutions that will both address the problem at hand and are technically simple to operate and maintain, as well as the associated training. We are also designing and managing community development programmes that will enable each of the communities be transformed through the availability of fresh, safe water for consumption and for more effective farming.

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water”

Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac, 1746

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