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Services overview

Corporate Social Responsibility
Public-Private Partnerships
Programme Management
eLearning Solutions

Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

General management consulting
CSR Programme design and management
PPP Programme design and management

Corporate Sponsored schools in Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu in India

Consulting Services for International Development

NEW ERA Partners - International Development Consultants

NEW ERA Partners are world class CSR and PPP consultants who focus on social, environmental and operational improvement. At NEW ERA Partners our emphasis is on holistic programme design, effective partnership management as well as hands on implementation assistance. Typically our clients will use our services at the start of a programme and at periodic review points.

Corporate Social Responsibility

NEW ERA Partners can support effective multi-level community development with a broad range of advisory skills. These can range from organisational diagnosis and matching CSR strategy to a careful facilitation of community networks.  We understand how to facilitate change  how to finance that change and what is required for sustainability.  more..

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships are essentially a transfer of risk and responsibility, from a state entity to the private sector, for a range of accepted fees under a contract that specifies key performance requirements.  PPPs enable both finance and expertise to be accessed that the state may not have.  NEW ERA has developed a unique total life cycle PPP management methodology and consulting services that enables PPP contracts to be optimised from contract through to long-term management of the PPP arrangement. more..


NEW ERA Partners can prepare master plans that outline the strategy and comprehensive plans for an area of renewal or development.  Often these plans are prepared in order to provide detailed guidance and a framework for subsequent detailed planning, project management and stakeholder consultation. The plans typically include a significant emphasis on 360 degree assessments of current status, international best practices as well as financing options.  The plans always being focused on transformational performance improvement. more..

Programme Management

Any large or medium scale transformation will typically have many component projects and deliverables.  Managing these, their financing, the change process and the multiple stakeholders involved is the essence of programme management.  NEW ERA Partners has extensive experience in all aspects of programme management from vision setting, goal and milestone management, establishing frameworks of accountability and all of the consequent monitoring and evaluation that is required. more..

Support Services

NEW ERA Partners can provide a wide range of consulting, management, advisory and PR services to private and public organisations around the world. Our unique holistic approach and experienced consultants will together with the clients resources help make a lasting beneficial change.

Highly developed in-house methods for CSR/PPP
International best practices
Technological innovations

In-depth research
Extensive research library
Comparative analysis of field programmes

Pragmatic, hands-on approach
Collaboration, partnering and active learning
Effective management and communication

Task and goal driven management
Clear management structures
Effective tools with comprehensive data

World-class media, PR and communication
Stakeholder management
Online and off-line media resources

NEW ERA Partners - London - Lagos
Bespoke consulting and management services for corporations, governments and NGOs
CSR Programme Design and Management
PPP Programme Design and Management

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