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CSR Programme design and management
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Transforming Ebute-Metta in Lagos, Nigeria

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

NEW ERA Partners work with together with corporations, government agencies and NGO’s to design and manage holistic, sustainnable and widely beneficial Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes that deliver real transformation.

CSR Programme Design

At NEW ERA Partners our emphasis is on CSR programme architecture and design as well as hands on implementation assistance. We work closely with all key stakeholders, work effectively in multi-cultural and multi-partner environments and deliver clear plans with effective management and communication structures.

Drawing from extensive practical experience in setting up, managing and monitoring international development programmes we can quickly scope the task at hand, provide early results and recommendations and set up “Quick Win” programmes that kick start programmatic work in the community. These programmes offer our clients a fast way to start small scale work, engage with the community and achieve visible results whilst working on larger scale plans. NEW ERA Partners will also help set up the necessary management, accounting and governance function, assist monitoring and evaluation and offering periodic management and advisory services.

CSR Facilitation

NEW ERA Partners can support effective multi-level community development with a broad range of advisory skills. These can range from organisational diagnosis and strategy to a careful facilitation of community networks. We always make sure to take into account macro and meso level policy and institutional changes.

CSR Empathy

NEW ERA Partners understand that achieving community level results is not a matter of implementing programmes or policies. It is a matter of creating local solutions that work, ‘reinventing locally’. Communities need support that is geared towards their concerns, that works jointly with them and is controlled by them.

The Mayflower Foundation

NEW ERA Partners together with the Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) launched a new initiative to transform the oldest part of Lagos, Ebute-Metta, and help change the lives of up to 400,000 people who live there. This flagship initiative consists of 20 independent programmes, each sponsored by a major Nigerian corporation, that together form a holistic transformation framework that delivers real and sustainable change in the community. Read more about the Mayflower Foundation here.


Highly developed in-house methods for CSR/PPP
International best practices
Technological innovations

In-depth research
Extensive research library
Comparative analysis of field programmes

Pragmatic, hands-on approach
Collaboration, partnering and active learning
Effective management and communication

Task and goal driven management
Clear management structures
Effective tools with comprehensive data

World-class media, PR and communication
Stakeholder management
Online and off-line media resources

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CSR Programme Design and Management
PPP Programme Design and Management

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Mayflower Foundation and “A Better Day In Lagos” concept, design and management by NEW ERA Partners

Visit the Mayflower Foundation here