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Services overview

Corporate Social Responsibility
Public-Private Partnerships
Programme Management
eLearning Solutions

Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

General management consulting
CSR Programme design and management
PPP Programme design and management

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eLearning Solutions for NGO’s and Government Agencies

Benefits of eLearning

Any large or medium scale programme will benefit from dedicated and experienced programme management. NEW ERA Partners brings much needed external vision, experience and resources to guarantee more defined targets and milestones, better progress and improved governance. Our clients can off-load part of the management to the company, or fully outsource the programme management services from NEW ERA Partners.

How does it work

From program design and start-up through implementation and measurement, NEW ERA Partners supports government and commercial clients in achieving programme success. The firm provides advanced programme management and program management office services empowered by expertise in education, environment, energy and power, healthcare, social programmes, waste management.

We can design and publish the whole solution for your organisation

NEW ERA Partners’ experienced consultants implement leading international and in-house methods in research, change management, cost-benefit analysis, human capital planning, program evaluation, IT management, programme budgeting and performance management.



Highly developed in-house methods for CSR/PPP
International best practices
Technological innovations

In-depth research
Extensive research library
Comparative analysis of field programmes

Pragmatic, hands-on approach
Collaboration, partnering and active learning
Effective management and communication

Task and goal driven management
Clear management structures
Effective tools with comprehensive data

World-class media, PR and communication
Stakeholder management
Online and off-line media resources

NEW ERA Partners - London - Lagos
Bespoke consulting and management services for corporations, governments and NGOs
CSR Programme Design and Management
PPP Programme Design and Management

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