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Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

General management consulting
CSR Programme design and management
PPP Programme design and management

Waste management and landfill regeneration, Payatas near Manila, Philippines


What is a Masterplan?

A masterplan is a document outlining the strategy and comprehensive plans for an area of renewal or development, prepared in order to provide detailed guidance and framework for subsequent detailed planning, project management and stakeholder consultation. The plan is often prepared by a (local) government to guide private and public development or by a developer on a specific project.

Planning for change in the physical, social and economic fabric of places and services is a cohesive process, which can be achieved through the input and efforts of many professionals and local communities. People – residents, visitors and ultimate users of the spaces and services created – are at the heart of any masterplan.

Benefits of Masterplanning

A successful masterplan will set out how to create and sustain excellent places and services for living, work and play. A good masterplan makes it possible for the partnership to achieve the set goals in the timeframe and budget planned, without one most PPPs are much more vulnerable for failure. Deploying specialist masterplanning design and management services helps any government and developer in defining effective framework and successful partnership strategy.

New Era Partners Masterplanning Services

NEW ERA Partners work closely with the client throughout the whole masterplanning process, helping to streamline each stage, define the activities and set in place effective management and monitoring functions.

NEW ERA Partners provide and source experts in each of the key stages of Masterplanning:
Strategic Framework - Preparation stage, understanding the context and needs
Spatial/Visual Masterplan – Development of the broad vision into tangible plans and  proposals
Implementation Plan – Strategy for how to turn the vision and plans into reality

In addition to the design and consultation phases NEW ERA Partners offers our clients comprehensive specialised management, support and monitoring services for the whole duration of the implementation phase.


Highly developed in-house methods for CSR/PPP
International best practices
Technological innovations

In-depth research
Extensive research library
Comparative analysis of field programmes

Pragmatic, hands-on approach
Collaboration, partnering and active learning
Effective management and communication

Task and goal driven management
Clear management structures
Effective tools with comprehensive data

World-class media, PR and communication
Stakeholder management
Online and off-line media resources

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CSR Programme Design and Management
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