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Services overview

Corporate Social Responsibility
Public-Private Partnerships
Programme Management
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Benefits of working with NEW ERA Partners

General management consulting
CSR Programme design and management
PPP Programme design and management

Healthcare planning and education, Afghanistan

Public-Private Partnerships - PPP

Why is PPP important

Public-Private Partnerships are an important vehicle in large scale local, regional and national development initiatives. They provide access to increased funding and an opportunity to leverage private sector experience and resources. Often they can lead to much faster deployment on key government schemes and large scale infrastructure, regeneration and transformation projects.

Key PPP Success Factors

Many PPP financed projects start with high hopes and fade away in the following years. This can be avoided by carefully designing both the programmes and the actual partnership from the very beginning. Managing all stakeholders’ expectations, continuing financing and keeping track of deliverables is crucial for achieving the desired and sustained outcome during and at the end of the projected partnership.

Why Choose NEW ERA Partners for your PPP

Working with NEW ERA Partners makes setting up and managing PPPs much easier. Through their broad experience and their advanced PPP programme design and management methodology New Era Partners are a firm specialised in helping companies and governments plan, set-up and launch new partnerships.

PPP Programme Design and Management

NEW ERA Partners offers a comprehensive PPP Programme Design and Management service.  This service includes:

  Stakeholder and feasibility analysis
  Definition of programme deliverables and outcomes
  Design and implementation of management structures
  On-going and/or periodic management and progress reviews
  Guidance on governance and ongoing stakeholder management
  Monitoring and evaluation criteria, tools and processes
  Comprehensive reporting tailored to key stakeholder groups
  World-class communication, PR and branding including on-line and off-line media resources
  Managed and pre-planned handover at the end of the programme


Highly developed in-house methods for CSR/PPP
International best practices
Technological innovations

In-depth research
Extensive research library
Comparative analysis of field programmes

Pragmatic, hands-on approach
Collaboration, partnering and active learning
Effective management and communication

Task and goal driven management
Clear management structures
Effective tools with comprehensive data

World-class media, PR and communication
Stakeholder management
Online and off-line media resources

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CSR Programme Design and Management
PPP Programme Design and Management

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