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The Council members’ meeting, YABA Local Council, Lagos, Nigeria

Why Work With NEW ERA Partners

Fast Results

All assignments are dealt with urgency. NEW ERA Partners delivers fast results from the very beginning, on time and on budget. We work on tight schedules, often providing initial results in weeks rather than months.

Professional Approach, Skills and Delivery

Our partners and consultants have on average 20 to 25 years of professional experience. This combined with highly developed in-house methods, research and high work ethic guarantee the quality and depth of our consulting work and management services.

Communication to All Stakeholders

The importance of getting all stakeholders informed and engaged can not be underestimated. NEW ERA Partners uses latest technology and suitable methods in creating communities and establishing on-going communication with all the relevant stakeholder groups, individuals and organisations.

Extensive PR and Media Support

NEW ERA Partners offers all our clients and partners extensive PR and media support packages and facilities.

Benefits include:

Social Performance
Environmental Performance
Economic Performance
Enhanced operations and governance

Benefits of Working with NEW ERA Partners
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Any regeneration project that fails to put environmental and social benefits at its very heart is unlikely to achieve anything more than a very short–lived spasm of spurious prosperity

Jonathon Porritt (2007)

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